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Setbacks to this campaign for I was homeless at the time I created it, so some of the funds were used for me to survive.  Money raised will be replaced. There was an urgency now there is not. I can better plan and find a space to build. I will use re-uses/sustainable materials.
And I wish to establish a model Sustainable Micro-Community in PDX. Must find Land. Also, there will be a Community Garden.
Contractor-built Tiny House: $10,000 – $80,000; $35,000 average


Backyard Gardening at the South Shore Collective

Backyard Gardening at the South Shore Collective
Will Bennett, garden project co-ordinator

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Help Will Build His Tiny Home

Help Will Build His Tiny Home

Help Will Build His Tiny Home

Check out what the South Shore Collective​ has done for me:

Help Will Build His Tiny Home

Help Will Build His Tiny Home

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Rev. Dr. MLK Jr. PDX Tribute. 2015

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Ron Finley, “Gardening is my solace.”

Gardening is my solace. Watching new stuff happen in the garden is a metaphor for life. Everything happens in a garden. Let’s all get out and plant some shit!~ Ron Finley

Fashion designer and “gangsta gardener” Ron Finley has a vision for how communities should live and work together. Ron’s do-it-yourself remedy for his South Central L. A. food prison, where, by design, residents have to escape in order to find healthy food, was to plant fruit trees and vegetables on the parkway outside his house, and share his harvest with neighbors. In violation of the city’s parkway ordinance, Finley was cited and fined. His 2013 TEDTalk about urban gardening, with 2 million views and still rising, made him an international star.

Ron has spoken recently at symposia in Copenhagen and in Sheffield, England, and has just been named a “Good Food Champion of Los Angeles.” Ron’s relentless efforts have helped reshape Los Angeles’s parkway ordinance and, most recently, a proposal for an urban farming plan. His poetic vision has seized popular imagination and has, as one Orange County developer puts it, ‘changed land use laws.’ Ron talks in his backyard garden and nursery about his ideas and plans.

In Sheffield, England. “It’s about wonderment, beauty, creativity.” Photo courtesy Sheffield Telegraph.

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For more information about Ron and his projects, go to

To view Ron’s TED Talk, visit:

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Portland’s Fair Housing Act leads to subsidized segregation (is this legal?)

Portland’s Failure to support Fair Housing Actleads to subsidized segregation (is this legal?)

Portland’s Fair Housing Act leads to subsidized segregation

Locked Out The Oregonian’s Brad Schmidt spent months analyzing data and interviewing experts for this series on the failure of local governments and agencies to fulfill a fundamental goal of the nation’s 44-year-old Fair Housing Act: to give everyone, regardless of color, a fair shot at living in a decent neighborhood. Schmidt’s investigation found that taxpayer money meant to help break down segregation and poverty is instead reinforcing it. Housing is subsidized in the poorest neighborhoods and often in areas with above-average minority populations. And few poor people and people of color get to live in desirable communities such as inner Southeast Portland and Lake Oswego

VIDEO: Brad Schmidt on this series

The Oregonian met resistance in seeking public records for this series. Portland Housing Bureau officials released project-specific data for more than 150 projects only under pressure from the Multnomah County district attorney’s office. City officials charged the newspaper $1,162 for the information.


Failure to support Fair Housing Act leads to subsidized segregation

Taxpayer money meant to create affordable and desirable housing for the poor and people of color instead pushes them into the Portland area’s worst neighborhoods

Portland’s Section 8 clients are shifted east of 82nd

An agency’s decisions force the exile of people of color and the poor from Portland’s inner east side

Low-cost housing shut out amid riches of Lake Oswego and West Linn

Leaders of the wealthy cities of Lake Oswego and West Linn have simply “declined” to include regional affordable housing goals in their policies.

Homebuilders block efforts by Washington County leaders to include affordable housing

Efforts by Washington County leaders to persuade North Bethany developers to include moderately priced homes in new subdivisions are characterized as “coercive.”

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